New Flames Burn, We Twinkle

May 9, 2017

photo courtesy: Matthew Torres, from Oxnard, California. Instagram: @matthewjtorres 


New flames, like the people they involve, are unique. 

Some begin as a burst of flames, a raging fire, 

and others, like ours, begin as a mere spark, barely illuminating the skin on the faces of lovers, just enough to see the glimmer in their eyes. 

We began as a twinkle, but we too may end with a fire. 

I look at you, and I see light, which guides me in the right direction and shows me the way of the Lord. 

I look at you, and I see hope, which is all I've ever needed for the entirety of my life. 

I look at you, and I see respect, which is something I've never seen in anyone before. You think that's sad, and you're probably right. 

I see you, and I see our twinkle. 

Our twinkle is more beautiful than any fire,

our friendship more gentle than any love. 

Our twinkle may, someday, spark into a flame, 

and our flame a fire, 

but for now, 

we are but a luminous twinkle.

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