It Comes In Waves

September 12, 2018

photo courtesy Arturo Medina, from Ventura County, CA. Instagram: @artwuro


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It comes in waves. 

Some strong, and others more weak.

Ultimately, healing is all I can seek. 

Some crash along the shore, 

a gentle release of wrath,

but some are tsunamis

destroying everything in its path.  


It comes in waves. 

A constant fear of the issue being me, 

that’s all my mind can conjure to see. 

At times, it can feel more tame, 

but then I see your face 

and all that fades 

back to the darkness from which it came. 


It comes in waves. 

Whether out of love or out of fear, 

is it so wrong that I miss you being near?

You’re not the first to leave,

and I wish you were the last,

but my life is merely history 

and history repeats its past.


It comes in waves. 

The part of me most hidden, the part of me most deep,

I wish I could reach out, but all I can do is keep. 

Keep to myself, 

and try heal on my own.

Terrified to burden anybody,

so a burden I am alone. 


It comes in waves.

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing here, 

and I pray that answer would become more clear.

Healing is not linear, 

and up doesn’t mean straight, 

but my most fearful question, 

is how much more can I take?


It comes in waves.

But most waves are small, 

and help to remind me that I can handle it all.

And if I can’t,

that’s okay, too. 

Because that’s just where I am,

and that’s just what’s true.


Pain now doesn’t mean pain forever, 

and even at my worst, I’ve always gotten better.

So feel your hurt, 

and honor your pain,

Live your truth,

and love the same. 

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