A Letter To My Body

February 5, 2018

artwork courtesy Olivia Smith, from Denver, Colorado. Instagram: @olivia.s


When my final sun presents itself, I pray that I didn't hold myself back because I never learned to love you.


You are an acquired taste, my love, like dark red wine or piping hot coffee. 

You are uniquely beautiful- and that's my favorite kind. 


I'm sorry for the times I left you hungry, or worked you too hard. 

I'm sorry for the nasty words I've forced onto you. 


Can we move forward? 


You've seen me in my darkest hour.

You've witnessed my happiest moments.

You've been with me through it all.

I'm sorry I've never thanked you for that. 


Thank you for holding me, even when you're exhausted. 

Thank you for supporting me in my many passionate endeavors. 

Thank you for taking me to the most beautiful sights I've seen. 

Thank you. 


It's not your fault.

You are not hard to love,

Despite things I may have said. 


I promise to show you love.

I promise to show you appreciation. 

I promise to speak kind words into your heart, 

and keep you far out of reach from those who don't.


You will be filled with lovely thoughts; 

I will treat you the way I wish someone else would.

Maybe then, those who see our beauty will be attracted to our energy, 

and soon, we will be surrounded by lovely people. 


Let's show them how to love,

starting from our core.

Let's glow with a radiant love, 

so bright it cannot be denied. 

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